1. The Future is Now

    The Last Mile / PEZZ

  3. Plastic Legacy
    Pale Angels

  4. All These Steps Lead Us The Wrong Way
    Young Eyes

  5. Split EP
    Raging Nathans / Story Changes

  6. Laws of Gravity
    What Goes Up

  7. There Or Thereabouts

  8. New Blood
    Git Some

  9. Karmel Knowledge
    Candy Now!

  10. Bitches And Hos b/w Just A Friend
    Big Dick Hustlers

  11. Ladies Night b/w Not Falling In Love
    Candy Now!

  12. Viral Sun
    Viral Sun

    Raging Nathans / Mikey Erg Band

  14. Collection
    The Priceduifkes

  15. Another Realm

  16. Still Spitting Blood
    The Raging Nathans

  17. Mega Low Maniacs
    Old Wives

  18. Use The Daylight
    Dealing With Damage

  19. Goodbye Nightlife
    Yesterday's Ring

  20. Armer L'harmonie
    Airstream Futures

  21. Wrong Life
    Wrong Life

  22. See You In The Streets b/w You Can Live Inside Your Mind
    The Slow Death

  23. Casual Majesty
    The Slow Death

  24. Failures in Art: Sordid Youth Vol. 2
    The Raging Nathans

  25. Dead Malls
    Starter Jackets

  26. Take Good Care
    Among Legends

  27. Cherry Knowle

  28. Gimme One More Chance b/w So Obscene

  29. LP I
    The Soviettes

  30. LP II
    The Soviettes

  31. I'm Just Like You
    Canadian Rifle

  32. Two Songs
    Break Anchor

  33. Respect The Frequency
    The Last Mile

  34. Uncle Daddy
    Wonk Unit

  35. I am a Genius
    Pink Lincolns

  36. Hard Pass: Singles/Rarities 2006-2020
    The Dopamines

  37. Faceless. Nameless.
    Human Issue

  38. Dwarves / Raging Nathans

  39. Bring Me the Head of Betsy Devos
    The Raging Nathans

  40. Closer
    Heavy Heart

  41. Everything Breaks
    Heavy Seas

  42. Dog Heaven
    Dog Heaven

  43. Split EP
    The Raging Nathans / The Voice of God

  44. Waste My Heart
    The Raging Nathans

  45. Expect The Worst
    The Dopamines

  46. Houseghost

  47. Rad Girlfriend Records Presents...The Best Of The Rest Vol. 1

  48. S/T
    Mikey Erg

  49. Ask The Questions
    Dealing With Damage

  50. "Nice One" - 4 Way Split
    Mackie (Blitz) / The Slow Death / Tiltwheel / Spoilers

  51. Born Ugly Got Worse
    The Slow Death

  52. Kopophobia

  53. Midwest Duress EP
    The Raging Nathans / The Reaganomics

  54. We're Not Punks... But We Play Them On TV
    Quincy Punx

  55. Adult Themes

  56. Single
    Moral Mazes

  57. Cognitive Dissidents

  58. DFMK

  59. 4 Songs in North Carolina
    Loose Behaviour

  60. Oppositional Defiance
    The Raging Nathans

  61. Live From Wonkfest
    The Raging Nathans

  62. Split EP
    New Junk City / Two Houses

  63. 2 Song EP
    Ball Of Light

  64. Blood Orange Moon EP
    Frankie Stubbs

  65. Split EP
    The Raging Nathans / Starter Jackets

  66. Sad Action
    Loose Behaviour

  67. SPLIT EP
    The Raging Nathans / Dead Bars

  68. Stimulants And Sedatives

  69. Are You A Frienda Brenda

  70. Send Help
    Big Sad

  71. Presenting
    Faux Replika

  72. Fucked It Up For Everyone
    Starter Jackets


  74. EP

  75. Ground Scores

  76. End Transmissions
    Robot (Re)pair

  77. Stolen Chords And Lifted Riffs
    Petty Larcenists

  78. EP
    Steve Adamyk Band

  79. LIVE!

  80. A Day Late And A Dollar Short
    The Queers

  81. Flux
    Ball Of Light

  82. Sleeper Hits: Sordid Youth Vol. 1
    The Raging Nathans

  83. Split LP
    Unknown River Driver/Rations Noise

  84. Something Wasted This Way Comes
    The Sleights

  85. Hello, Cruel World
    School Damage

  86. Haze Like Me
    Hospital Job

  87. Split
    Jon Cougar Concentration Camp/The Raging Nathans

  88. Split
    Parasites / The Raging Nathans

  89. Born Ugly, Got Worse
    The Slow Death

  90. Ghosts
    The Spears

  91. Live Fast Die Old
    Chris Barrows Band

  92. Suck And Bloat
    Pink Lincolns

  93. Decisions
    Starter Jackets

  94. We Wish We Were Dead '92

  95. Punk Rock Confidential Revisited

  96. Cheap Fame
    The Raging Nathans

  97. I'll Be Right Here b/w Factory
    The Slow Death

  98. Split
    The Queers/Chris Barrows Band

  99. Split 7"
    The Raging Nathans/Pizzatramp

  100. The Ridiculouses- "This is a Punk Band"

  101. Pleasant Screams
    The Queers

  102. Don't Back Down
    The Queers

  103. Love Songs For The Retarded
    The Queers

  104. This Is A Sickness And Sickness Will End

  105. Punishers
    The Slow Death

  106. Tales Of Interest
    The Dopamines

  107. 4-Way Split vol. 2
    Chris Barrows Band / Armageddon Man / No Fraud / F

  108. Goathorse
    The Priceduifkes

  109. Split 7"
    The Raging Nathans/Rad Company

  110. Hussy

  111. Split 7"
    Hospital Job/Capitalist Kids

  112. Split 7"
    The Raging Nathans/Wonk Unit

  113. I Feel So Good I Can't Stand Myself
    Two Houses

  114. To What End

  115. Split 7"
    Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil' Happiness / Lutheran Heat

  116. No Gods No Decaf

  117. Split 7"
    Nobodys / The Raging Nathans

  118. Never Get Cold
    Hospital Job

  119. Split 7"
    Epic Problem / The Slow Death

  120. Rarities
    The Soviettes

  121. Armageddon Party EP
    Jon Cougar Concentration Camp

  122. The Wedding Record

  123. The End is Nigh
    Apocalypse Meow

  124. Yes It Is
    Western Settings

  125. Split 7"
    The Slow Death/The Raging Nathans

  126. B-Sides 4 Way Split
    The Brokedowns/Boilerman/Brickfight/Boxsledder

  127. Talkin' to the Walls EP
    Pretty Pretty

  128. I Ain't Your Man b/w You're Just a Fool
    Pretty Boy Thorson and Lil' Happiness

  129. The Raging Nathans- "Losing It"
    The Raging Nathans

  130. Short Brain
    The Fur Coats

  131. Stay Clean Jolene
    Stay Clean Jolene

  132. Split 7"
    Stabbed In Back/Payoff

  133. The Capitalist Kids- "At A Loss"

  134. Two Houses- "Disappointer"

  135. Chestnut Road / Panic Attack! split 7"

  136. Apocalypse Meow/Todd Congelliere

  137. American Lies/Dudes Night

  138. The Turkletons- "Fur Frontal"

  139. The Ex-Boyfriends-"Disease"

  140. The Slow Death-"No Heaven"

  141. Rational Anthem-"Whatevermind"

  142. Rations-"Martyrs And Prisoners"

  143. Neon Hole/Diseksa Split 7"

  144. The Capitalist Kids/The Ex Boyfriends-"split 7"

  145. Wank For Peace/Prevenge Split 7"

  146. Rad Company/Tight Bros. "Split 7"

  147. Apocalypse Meow-"Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!"

  148. Tight Bros.-"s/t" LP

  149. Flamingo 50-"Tear It Up"

  150. White Flag/The Shoplifters split 7"

  151. Stay Clean Jolene

  152. The Raging Nathans S/T 7"

  153. The Maxies-"Greenland Is Melting"

  154. What-A-Night's

  155. Pretty Boy Thorson and Lil' Happiness-"I Ain't Gonna Beg"

  156. Robthebank-"Spoken Codes" LP

  157. Setbacks

  158. Split 10"
    Powercup/Pizza Hi Five

  159. Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil' Happiness

  160. Astro Fang "Flesh Hand EP"

  161. Masked Intruder/The Turkletons

  162. Low Culture "S/T"

  163. The Credentials/Steelhorse "Split"

  164. Burning Bridges "S/T"

  165. Fat Stupids "S/T"

  166. Rad Company/Discretions "I Won't Be Home For New Years"

  167. Rations "How Much Land Does A Man Need?"

  168. Hookerspitwindex/Pizza Hi Five "Thought We Were Friends"

  169. Rad Company/The Ex Boyfriends "Hold My Glasses"

  170. Rad Company/Sok! "Thrashpop EP"

  171. Rad Company "Someone Should Be Fired"

  172. Rad Company "Bottom Shelf"

  173. The Raging Nathans-Jukebox Records 7" Series


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